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The 6th International Conference of Production Research America 2012 (ICPR-AR 2012) will be held from 2nd to 3rd , 2012, in Santiago, Chile. The conference will take place at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Santiago of Chile (USACH),  Avenida Ecuador 3769, Santiago.
The Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Santiago of Chile is located at a walking distance from Metro Station UNIVERSIDAD DE SANTIAGO on Line 1.

Santiago is the capital city of Chile. It has a population of about 6.000.000 inhabitants. The average temperature in August goes from 4°C to 17 °C. August it is not a rainy month, but it is advisable to carry an umbrella.

Conference participants must make their own hotel reservations. In Santiago there is a large number of hotels with a range of prices. We recommend two of them:

Ibis Hotel.
Even it does not have special prices for ICPR participants; it offers good quality at very convenient prices. It is at a walking distance (5 minutes from the Conference Venue).

Torremayor Hotel.
It offers reduced fees for ICPR participants. It is located close to the LOS LEONES Metro Station, on Line 1. It is about 15 minutes from the Conference Venue by Metro.

The International Airport is located about 15 Kms. from the City Center. There are three types of services from the airport:
Transfer: It is a mini-bus service that takes passengers to their hotel. It costs about $ 10.000 (20USD).
Bus:  This bus service is run by the TUR BUS Company. Take a coach going to the Tur-Bus Coach Station, which is located at the Metro Station UNIVERSIDAD DE SANTIAGO (next to Ibis Hotel). A one-way ticket costs $ 1.700 (3,4 USD)
Taxis: There a number of taxi companies at the airport. As a reference, the fees of the company Aero-taxi are shown:
To Ibis Hotel: $12.000 (about 24 USD) (Estación Central Zone)
To Torremayor Hotel: $ 14.000 (about 28 USD) (Providencia Zone).

This value is valid for a maximum of 4 passengers.


Ibis Estación Central Hotel

Web page:

Information and reservation


Torre Mayor Hotel

Web page:

Information and reservation



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